Meredith Ramirez, Pilates instructor



I am a mom to two sweet kiddos: Elena and Estéban. I'm a wife, a creator, and a lover of healthy living.

My wellness journey began in my early twenties after I had been diagnosed with Lupus. My Lupus took hold of my life in every way possible, it held me captive and stifled the fire inside of me. One day, I decided to take action against all of the pain and suffering and change my life for good. I made a promise to myself to carve out an hour each day for whatever my body's needs were at that time. This was my GOLDEN HOUR. With this practice, and, through careful decisions about healthy eating, movement, and self-reflection, I began to live and thrive again.

Pilates and yoga played a huge role in finding my way to a whole and balanced life. Once I saw firsthand how transformative these practices were for me, I knew I had to share them with the world. I knew I had found my calling.

I have dedicated my professional career to fitness and wellness. I hold certifications in Pilates, yoga, barre, HIIT, boot camp, weightlifting, and pre and post-natal fitness. I have spent years working for various nonprofit organizations that focus on health, wellness, and community.


My goal is to offer a movement experience for all, no matter where you are starting from.  I'm proof that you can overcome anything, we all can. Your body and your life are perfectly yours. The Golden Hour Method incorporates the best of Pilates and yoga to create a multifaceted approach to movement and body awareness that works for any body. When practiced regularly, the Golden Hour Method can help lead you to a place of balance, peace, and strength.


There is no need to strive for a certain look or a certain size. True happiness is a FEELING that lies within and, I'm so happy to guide you through a practice to get you there.